BATchpro Connect by bay-Lynx
Operate your BUSINESS and your MIXER from the Palm of your Hand
BatchPro Connect by Bay-Lynx not only saves you time and money, but also allows you to provide an exceptional customer experience by digitizing your workflow. The software has three interfaces that work inperfect synergy from the order stage to the ticketing stage. The new BatchPro 3.0 panel and automation components on the mixer communicate with the app to allow the mixer to set itself up.
Key Features

    Manage your fleet with the custom dispatch platform providing live job status updates.


    Receive all daily assignments including directions, job-site instructions, mix design info, customer signatures and more!


    Custom order portal to receive online orders directly from your website.


    Have your mixer automatically set your water, cement and admixtures

  • Calibrate & Maintain

    Calibrate your mixer faster with the step-by-step wizard. Receive reminders for maintenance to keep your mixer operating at peak performance.

Operator mobile app

The operator mobile application simplifies all day-to-day tasks of concrete delivery as well as less common maintenance tasks.

  • Receive jobs from dispatch, noting details such as address, quantity, mix design and other notes
  • Communicate directly to the mixer to automate all set-up tasks
  • Take jobsite photos
  • Collect signatures
  • Print tickets and send digital copies to dispatch
  • Faster and more accurate mixer calibrations
  • Mixer and truck troubleshooting
  • Maintenance reminders
dispatch platform

BatchPro Connect comes with a web-based dispatch platform that communicates to the mixers through the operator mobile application.

  • Create jobs and assign to your mixers
  • Easily create new mix designs and have your operator upload them to the machine in minutes
  • Track all your jobs with digital copies of the tickets
  • Get live pour information from the mixers
  • Receive status notifications from your operators

Each BatchPro Connect system comes with a custom order portal that can be linked to your website.

  • Customers place an order through the online order portal
  • Orders are sent directly to dispatch through the online order portal
- Marco Lucente
Parkview Building Supplies