Bauman Landscape and Construction, Inc.

We are a family-owned engineering contractor in San Francisco. We specialize in architectural, structural and decorative concrete work in city parks. We pour an average of about 10,000 cubic yards a year.

In 2015, we were looking both to reduce the cost of our concrete and also to improve our production by making our own mix. High local demand and short supply mean that we were having to schedule concrete two or three weeks ahead of time.

We met Greg, Mark, Sam and Ben from Bay-Lynx at the World of Concrete conference. We had many conversations about their equipment’s capacity to produce the quality of concrete we needed – including things like being able to have color in our mix. We also talked a lot about warranties, work and parts.

Everyone we talked with was great. We ended up purchasing one of the trucks they had at the show, on condition that they install a liquid color system on the truck.

Working with Bay-Lynx has been a real pleasure ever since. They go out of their way to make sure things are working well for their customers. They are also constantly improving their products with new features.

We now own four Bay-Lynx mixers and one spreader. I am sure we will be purchasing more as our company grows into the retail sales market.

Bay-Lynx has a great product and the people there stand by it. It’s really the people who make the difference there. They are honest and do what they say they will do. They have become good friends of ours.