12 Metre Machine for 2019.

With the legislation in place for 2019 the ability to carry 12 cubic metres or more is now limited to trailer options.

Due to demand we are now building a sliding trailer giving a mixer capable of carrying 12 cubic metres legally as well as being more manoeuvrable than an 8 wheel rigid.

This particular permutation is fitted with an auxiliary engine and its own electrical power supply allowing it to be operated as a stand alone batching system.

Our customer plans to use the trailer in the usual manner delivering larger orders as well as to fill some drums and send to larger jobs as an onsite facility feeding materials to it.

The power is delivered by a JCB generator with more than enough power and meets the latest emission regulations. The mixers powder bin holds 5.5 tons of cement or a blend. This amount of cement is a must for such a large capacity of concrete. A 2840 litre water tank is fitted.

All this when coupled with a modern ex supermarket type tractor comes in with a price tag considerably lower than a current 8×4 machine.