Bay-Lynx Announces the Release of the Agilis

On March 1st, Bay-Lynx, in partnership with RufDiamond and Powertraxx, announced the release of the all new Agilis Mobile Batch Plant.

This mixer has been a project in the background for over a year after RufDiamond noticed a strong need for quality concrete in remote areas.


What is the Agilis?

The Agilis is a mobile batch plant designed to bring concrete to off-road, hard-to-reach and remote areas. It differs from a volumetric mixer for a few reasons:

  • There is one material bin for all materials including stone, sand, cement and admixtures
  • The material bin is sealed and watertight to lock out any moisture
  • The Agilis is built to be mounted on an off-road tracked carrier from Powertraxx with the PT15.

What problems does the Agilis solve?

Remote pours have a serious problem when it comes to delivering concrete. These are the current problems facing the industry:

  1. No nearby batch-plants

When the pour location is hundreds of miles away from a batch-plant, concrete cannot be delivered by ready mix trucks. Concrete has a shelf time and if the concrete takes even 90 minutes to deliver, it does not meet spec and may need to be completely discarded.

  1. Drum mixers cannot reach the pour location

Some of these remote area pours are not accessible from a roadway. This means air transport may be required to deliver concrete. But costs of delivering concrete with a helicopter is extremely expensive and inefficient. Other options may include drum mixers on tracked units, but this is still not a good solution when it comes to delivering fresh material as the concrete is already mixed and therefore the load is very time sensitive.


  1. Environmental restrictions

If a load needs to be offloaded from a mixer due to the mix not meeting the spec or equipment failure, environmental damage and fees are extremely costly. Thousands of dollars will need to be spent to pay the fines. There have been cases of over $40,000 for a single fine.

How does it Work?


The Agilis is loaded with preblended totes from King. These preblend totes carry all the material required to make the concrete. Water is stored in the 500-gallon tank on the mixer. Any additional material required can be delivered on site where the Agilis can reload. Mounted on the Powertraxx PT15, the Agilis will travel to the remote areas. Then when it is time to pour, the material is offloaded on the main conveyor belt where it is met with water at the mixing bowl. It is then mixed in the 12” diameter auger for immediate freshly-produced concrete.

What is the future of the Agilis?

Partnering with Ruf Diamond and Powertraxx, the Agilis will begin including a crane on the front of the carrier to independently load the totes on the unit. The Agilis has already made its debut in northern Ontario, where it is expected to highly impact government and private projects.

See more on the Agilis product page.