Covid-19 and The Construction Industry

The Covid-19 outbreak has affected everyone around the world with a continuously growing impact on the global economy.  This pandemic’s effects on markets and commercial activity is presenting many challenges in the construction industry.

Weeks ago we all began to face mandatory closures of non-essential workplaces.  In most areas construction work was only to continue for services relating the healthcare sector and critical provincial infrastructure, forcing many projects to be delayed or cancelled.   Many face issues with disruptions of the supply chain, site access and safe labor.  On May 6th, Ontario Premier, Doug Ford, announced the government would be easing restrictions on essential construction to allow below-grade multi-unit construction projects to continue.  This will help clear the way for the housing and jobs our economy needs to support the economic recovery from the impact of Covid-19.  Construction is a massive employer in Canada, with over 1 million people contributing to society in a positive way.

As the numbers continue to decrease the economy will continue to open, so be prepared.  Early this week, thousand headed back to work under the health restrictions of our new reality, put into place to ensure everyone’s safety.  Government officials urge business owners to learn these new guidelines to prepare for reopening so everyone can hit the ground running to provide the necessary services we count on every day.

Health and safety have always been a primary concern here at Bay-Lynx Manufacturing, and we remain ever-vigilant in ensuring our staff are kept healthy and safe.  We have been able to remain open in our parts and service departments and have started up production once again as well.

Upon speaking with one of our current customers, Cory Little of Local Concrete, we were very pleased to hear that they too were able to remain open with steady work throughout this pandemic.  They had some key customers they had gained over the last year whose projects were classified as essential which helped keep them busy.  They were thankful they supplied a wide range of products with their volumetric mixers such as concrete, U-fill and grout for various uses in the construction industry.  Local Concrete also increased their service area to a 100 km radius, Corrie states “without volumetric trucks we would not have been able to do this.”  Because of the nature of volumetric truck they could operate their yard while maintaining a safe distance as well as on the job site due to the remote operations of the trucks.  They have also moved to an electronic invoicing system to remove on site interaction.

Cory’s methods can be incredibly helpful to your business as well. We have heard many different approaches over the past couple months. While some customers are afraid to perform any action in the unpredictable market, others look at this as an opportunity. Use this time to put your operations under the microscope. Plan for next season. This can be used as a time to look at your business in regards to site staffing, set-up, shop tools and equipment and office software.  One of the common mistakes we here about at Bay-Lynx is when customers come to us for a new unit last minute. If you feel that your business could use another stone spreader or mixer, this is something you should be preparing for at the end of the previous season. This not only allows you to have sufficient time to hire a driver, but ensures you will have your unit ready to work at the start of the next season.

We truly hope that we can all come out from this stronger and able to adapt, like Local Concrete, to the changes in which we conduct business.  During these unprecedented times, we would like to encourage everyone to stay strong, considerate, patient, and vigilant as we look forward to brighter days ahead.