Eco-mix choose Baylynx for drive and pour with maximum carrying capacity.

Ecomix concrete were looking to replace 5 mixers used for drive and pour. The dilemma was the imminent change in the law and reduced weights.

Existing machines fitted with donkey engines were limiting carrying capacity. Eco-mix required the lightest solution for maximum load capacity whilst still being able to drive and pour. The solution had to be designed and delivered prior to 2019 due to further weight reductions.

The Baylynx team were able to design a dual pump solution allowing just that. 

Baylynx machines produce concrete’s, screeds and flowable screeds using just about any material you can throw at us.

With hydraulic load beams we can deal with the most awkward materials.

We regularly produce mixers for different powders and can configure bins from single to multiple and 2.5 ton to 5.5 ton.