Introducing The Bay-Lynx Atlas Live Bottom

Bay-Lynx is excited to officially release our newest product, the all new Bay-Lynx Atlas Live Bottom!  The Atlas Livebottom is the smart solution to your aggregate delivery needs.  Place materials with ease and agility while keeping your crew safe on the job.

The Atlas Live Bottom allows you to work worry-free by eliminating many of the dangers associated with a standard dump truck.  Dump trucks carry the risk of tipping or hitting overhead wires and structures, but the Livebottom makes these problems disappear.  The Atlas Live Bottom’s conveyor belting system pushes materials out the back allowing you to work safe and work smart anywhere!  This opens doors of opportunities as this machine can unload in smaller spaces, on difficult terrain and even indoors.  The Atlas will keep you working all year long with no off-season, meaning increased production and cash flow!

The Atlas conveyor belt bottom discharges at a rate of 15 m3 per minute, emptying your entire 17.16 m3 hopper in just 68 seconds.  The conveyor belt system also means less residue stuck to the bottom drastically shortening cleaning times.  The Bay-Lynx electronic discharge pile sensors will monitor your material height and automatically stop the belt if the discharged load exceeds your safety limits.  Unlike most other livebottoms, the Atlas is fully equipped with a hydraulic cylinder to raise and lower the tail gate rather than an air cylinder tail gate. This allows it to be partially opened or closed giving the machine even more dexterity to unload in those tight-clearance situations.


Bay-Lynx is once again utilizing the toughest steel on the market, Hardox® 450, bringing that same quality and credibility to the aggregate delivery market!  Hardox® 450 steel gives the Atlas Live Bottom twice the lifespan of that of a standard steel unit.  With its outstanding impact toughness, bendability, formability, as well as abrasion and dent-resistant qualities, you can enjoy a longer lasting fleet.  This lighter steel also means increased payload, saving you additional time and money. Construction equipment made with Hardox® Steel has a 15% higher resale value than their mild steel counterparts, resulting in a higher resale value of your Atlas Live Bottom.

The Atlas Live Bottom offers a clean, safe and reliable delivery system so you can transport any material you desire in a safe and timely manner.  Contact our sales team to learn more about how the Atlas Live Bottom can help you achieve your goals!