Safety First

Safety first is the message from Bay-Lynx and Dawes Highway Safety…

BAY-Lynx has been announced as the latest official supplier of enhanced side-guard safety systems on their fleet of volumetric vehicles.

James Dawes of Dawes Highway Safety made the announcement last week saying: ““We are absolutely delighted to announce Bay-Lynx as our latest official supplier of enhanced side-guard safety systems on their complete range of industry-leading volumetric vehicles.”

This sentiment is echoed by Michael Barr, operations director at Bay-Lynx UK, who said: “We are constantly looking at ways to enhance the safety of our vehicles and as soon as we came across ‘people panels’ we knew we had found the perfect product to cost-effectively enhance our fleet.”

Bay-Lynx has always been committed to transport safety and is constantly looking for ways to make its vehicles as safe as they possibly can be.

So, when Bay-Lynx came across a product called a ‘People Panel’, the brainchild of pioneering road safety company, Dawes Highway Safety, they immediately began using them for their vehicles to further enhance their safety profile.

The relationship between the two companies has since gone from strength to strength and Bay-Lynx is now an official supplier of People Panels, helping to cement their partnership and further consolidate their joint commitment to safety.

So, what is a People Panel? And why are they so vital? In a nutshell, People Panels are enhanced side-guard safety systems which completely close in the side of a vehicle, in order to prevent entanglement in the event of a collision.

Research by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) has found that cyclists and pedestrians are five times less likely to suffer fatal or life-threatening injuries where an enhanced safety system is fitted.

The panels are strongly recommended by road safety schemes such as FORS (Fleet Operators’ Recognition Scheme) and DVS2020 (Direct Vision Standard 2020).

As well as the obvious physical benefits of the safety system, the panel displays a positive message to the public and promotes green modes of transport such as walking and cycling whilst also highlighting the principle of corporate social responsibility, which Bay-Lynx is so passionate about. Bay-Lynx has also added an additional feature in the form of a rear panel which helps to reinforce the safety message even further.

For more information about volumetric vehicles fitted with enhanced side-guard safety systems contact Bay-Lynx UK on