Multicat Stone Spreaders

Its low centre of gravity, steel construction, large carrying capacity and wide conveyor belt opening, make it a reliable and efficient workhorse unlike any other stone slinger on the market.
The Multicat is designed to move material – from dry sand to wet topsoil – straight from the source to the exact spot it’s needed with precision. That means faster delivery. It means you avoid contamination of onsite stockpiles. It means you save time and money with manual handling of material on site – no backhoe, shovels or skid-steer required.
Carry what you need, when you need it
Our patented interior load suspension beam breaks up clumps, bridges and even frozen chunks of material in your load. That means you can deliver and place stone, sand, aggregate, mulch, topsoil and much more, at any time of year.
Precision placement up to 120 feet
Our high-speed throw conveyor gives you maximum control, allowing you to place material exactly where it’s needed, even in narrow and hard-to-reach spaces.
Quality construction
Our background in steel construction means our spreaders are built to last. They’re more than just solid. Every component is engineered to be as simple and reliable as possible.
Patented load beam allowing for precise metering of materials and the ability to break up bridging or frozen loads - meaning you can spread the greatest variety of materials.
Raised operation platform where valves are mounted giving you back up controls for your radio remote with a great view of where materials are being placed.
Sand blasted, anti-corrosion metal treatment primer with two part acrylic top coat so your body will look sharp and last as long as possible.
75 gal aluminum hydraulic oil tank, stainless steel hydraulic lines and large capacity hydraulic cooling element which allows you to work hard and longer.
Direct drive main belt pulley—no chains and sprockets to maintain for a no hassle operation.
Large intake hopper to reduce material spillage and allow for the maximum amount of payload.
Super Shield™ © to ensure tight spreading pattern and enhanced distance making material placing an art and saving you and your customers time and money.
PTO and Pump Installation done by Bay-lynx which powers your spreader on the jobsite.
Bay-Lynx made Heavy duty aluminum checker plate fenders which look sharp, are long lasting, and can take a beating.
Industry standard 19’ x 14” wide high speed chevron throwing belt allowing for maximum distance and accuracy.
Standard issue Work lights so when the job calls for it you are ready to perform.
21” 3 ply wide main conveyor belt which allows for smooth control of materials onto your throw belt and maximum off load speed.
Removable main conveyor assembly for ease of maintenance making repairs much easier and allowing your machine to get back to making profit.
Direct Drive planetary boom rotation — no chains and sprockets to return helping your reduce maintenance time and down time.

Options and more

We keep it simple, but we don’t limit your options. For each model, we offer customizations that turn your Bay-Lynx machine into the exact right tool for the work you do.

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"The first thing I bought from them was a Multicat slinger. They were incredibly easy to deal with: accommodating, ready to rig up things for this province."
Jason Hoople
Alberta, Canada
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