The Terra Spreader was designed to give you the spreading ability you can find on all the Bay-Lynx spreaders but on a more compact and versatile chassis. The Terra Spreader is designed with the landscaper and small contractor in mind for both size and affordability.

Struck/Water-Level Capacity6.3 yd37.5 yd3
Unit Weight Approx4700 lbs5100 lbs
Minimum Clear Platform Requirments164 inchs188 inchs
Wheelbase, CA/CT118 inchs142 inchs
Struck/Water-Level Capacity4.8 m35.7 m3
Unit Weight Approx2132 kg2313 kg
Minimum Clear Platform Requirments4166 mm4775 mm
Wheelbase, CA/CT2997 mm3606 mm

Standard on all models

Standard on other models

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