Volumetric Ultralite Tech Specs

The Bay-Lynx Volumetric Ultralite Mixer comes in various configurations depending on your chassis preferences and size.

08M60-UL 10M60-UL 08M60-UL-XL 10M60-UL-XL
Production Capacity 7.65 m3 10 m3 7.65 m3 10 m3
Production Rate
Up to 60m3/hr
Aggregate Bin Volume 5.3 m3 6.8 m3 5.3 m3 6.8 m3
Sand Bin Volume 4.3 m3 5.2 m3 4.3 m3 5.2 m3
Cement Bin Volume 4.2 tonnes 4.2 tonnes 4.2 tonnes 4.2 tonnes
Water Tank Volume 2050 l 2050 l 2050 l 2050 l
Unit Weight Approx. 3,610 kg 3,970 kg 3,880 kg 4,325 kg
Minimum Clear Platform Requirements 5410 mm 6045 mm 6045 mm 6680 mm

Standard Unit Features

  • Light Weight Aluminium Aggregate Bin
    We are able to take the weight saving but strong technology from our Ultralite Spreader and apply it to our Volumetric Mixers. In doing so this allows our mixer to be more lightweight, more aerodynamic, it will not rust and it looks great.
  • Mechanically Linked Cement & Aggregate Drive
    Cement is the most expensive ingredient in concrete so we wanted to make sure it was managed perfectly. With the cement metering mechanically linked to the aggregate output this ration can never get out of proportion ensuring that your concrete is always what it was designed to be.
  • Dual Stage Water System
    Our water system is designed to give you lower pressure when you are producing concrete and then when you are washing up you will be able to get up to 100psi pressure allowing you to keep your unit looking the smartest in the market.
  • Square Strike Offs
    The outlet and metering of the Aggregate and Sand in our mixer is design so that material can come out in as close to a perfect cube as possible - this means your aggregate usage is extremely accurate and your concrete is always perfect.
  • Dual Over-Under Cement Metering Augers
    Our cement bin uses two augers to meter out he cement from the Portland bin. The auger on top constantly feeds the metering auger below so that you can pour concrete to till the last of your cement is remaining in the bin.
  • Two Admix Systems
    Standard on all mixers is capacity for two liquid admixes so that your concrete will be flexible and exactly what your customers desire.


  • Liquid Colour Additive System
    We have successfully developed and employed on numerous units a liquid color admix system that provides extremely accurate repeatably this means you can become the preferred color concrete supplier of choice in your market.
  • Additional Addmix Systems
    Perhaps your require more specialty concrete using liquid admixtures. Not a problem more can be added. Ask us more when requesting a quote.
  • Reversing & Monitoring Cameras
    Health and safety is always a concern. We are able to add dash cams, rear view cameras and even aggregate and conveyor belt monitoring camera to help ensure quality and the safety of your staff and those around the job site and when in transit.
  • Wireless Remote
    The wireless remote is great for your operator because he can now be more productive while on the jobsite and ensure the customer is getting the service promised.
  • Mixer Connect
    For a monthly fee you can have all the information you want about your mixers out in field sent to you online from location, service requirements, concrete production and more.
  • Auto Lube System
    We have partnered with ECO-Star and can offer a complete auto lube system for your chassis and mixer. Auto lube systems take most of the concern away regarding longevity and maintenance. Ask us more when you request a quote.
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