Volumetric Ultralite Tech Specs

The Bay-Lynx Volumetric Ultralite Mixer comes in various configurations depending on your chassis preferences and size.

Production Capacity7.65 m310 m37.65 m310 m3
Production Rate
Up to 60m3/hr
Aggregate Bin Volume5.3 m36.8 m35.3 m36.8 m3
Sand Bin Volume4.3 m35.2 m34.3 m35.2 m3
Cement Bin Volume4.2 tonnes4.2 tonnes4.2 tonnes4.2 tonnes
Water Tank Volume2050 l2050 l2050 l2050 l
Unit Weight Approx.3,610 kg3,970 kg3,880 kg4,325 kg
Minimum Clear Platform Requirements5410 mm6045 mm6045 mm6680 mm

Standard Unit Features


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