Wayne Clint and the team at Bromfield Sand and Gravel stumbled across Bay-Lynx back in 2016 and have not looked back since.

Since 1985 Bromfield has been supplying concrete to National concrete companies in the surrounding area. When 2016 came around concrete sales to these companies were diminishing and Bromfield S&G was looking for a way to keep their concrete supply going. To continue their business in the concrete industry they looked into either buying a batch plant or a volumetric mixer. While attending the show in Birmingham they stumbled across Bay-Lynx and discussed the possibility of buying a volumetric mixer. Wayne said after the encounter with Bay-Lynx,

“We were very impressed with the knowledge and support from Bay-Lynx.”

Volumetric mixer


In 2017 their first volumetric mixer arrived, soon after came the second truck and then came a third. Bromfield now owns 5 Bay-Lynx volumetric concrete mixers which run almost constantly to keep up with demand. Bromfield decided to go with volumetric mixers instead of a batch plant because they had more flexibility and gave them a competitive advantage. Wayne states,

“You can do all sorts of mixes,  from dry mixes to wet mixes, all on the same day on the same truck.”

The last three trucks that Bromfield S&G bought from Bay-Lynx, have been Titans. The Titans are a very user friendly unit and have many advantages over other volumetric mixers. To start, the Titan is made from Hardox 450 steel which allows the unit to be lighter since the steel is 50% thinner and 200% stronger than regular mild steel. The Titan also comes with the BatchPro Connect system, this allows the operator to calibrate straight from his phone over Bluetooth and drastically decreases calibration time. Using the BatchPro connect operators can add or remove mixes on site straight from their phone, and allows operators to be trained in a very short time because everything is pre-programmed. In the words of Wayne,

“The Titan has brought volumetric concrete mixers leaps and bounds.”


The Titan also has advantages with the new shape of the body, with the barrel shape design of the body it makes the truck lower and more maneuverable than other volumetric mixers. The barrel shape design, combined with the features of the Hardox steel eliminates hang up points and nothing ever sticks. This ensures a more even and uniform mix throughout the entire load.

When it comes to Bay-Lynx’s technical support, the team at Bromfield S&G is very pleased with their service,

“Technicians (at Bay-Lynx) are very helpful, nine times out of ten they can talk you through fixing on site”

Wayne expanded on his point and said that the times when problems can’t be fixed on site, Bay-Lynx will come out as soon as they can, typically the same or next day.

Bromfield S&G hope to expand in the future. People are constantly looking for ways to reduce their waste and carbon footprint and volumetric trucks seem to be the answer. Volumetric mixers allow companies to service two or three customers on a single load because of their ability to change concrete mixes on demand. Wayne told us about Bromfield’s hope of expansion and said,

“We’ve only scathed the surface on the (volumetric concrete supply) market.”

Bay-Lynx is proud to provide Bromfield with high quality products and looks forward to doing more business with them in the future.