Tech Specs for Cambering Machines

Engineered, designed and modeled using our highest quality of standard that you have come to expect with all Bay-Lynx products. The aluminum extruded vertical panels are engineered to lock together to create a strong and rigid construction. The smooth highly polished panels give a great look while the integrated dual drive conveyor system ensures a seamless high speed unloading, by means of our patented load suspension beam.

Total Press Capacity260 Ton @ 5000psi285 Ton @ 3600 psi472 Ton @ 4000 psi530 Ton @ 4300 psi648 Ton @ 4500 psi
Maximum Beam SizeW36 x 182" @ 43.9W36 x 194" @ 45.4W36 x 260" @ 47.3W40 x 466" @ 29.1W40 x 466" @ 33.1
Unit Weight Approx.10,000 lbs16,000 lbs17,000 lbs18,000 lbs36,000 lbs
Motor15 HP 230/460V25 HP 230/460v25 HP 230/460v25 HP 230/460v40 HP 230/460v
Unit Dimensions285" x 102" x 33"285" x 120" x 46"285" x 120" x 46"285" x 120" x 46"354" x 150" x 52"

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