Oshawa Sand and Gravel

In 1996, we stopped in at Bay-Lynx on a whim. It was one of the best decisions we’ve made for our business. Over the years, we’ve bought 15 stone spreaders, rotating new models into our fleet as the designs changed and improved.

In this business, to maximize profit, you need to increase payloads and reduce maintenance costs and downtime. Each new design from Bay Lynx did this. When their steel bodies reached their maximum capacity, they resolved to follow the dumptruck industry’s trend into aluminum.

We thought, as long as they’re redesigning the spreader, we have some ideas. Bay-Lynx heard us out on everything from the style of the body to the way it unloads to the way the throw conveyor swings and slings.

There is much less maintenance to keep an Ultralight on the road. And, we haul an additional ton with every load. I estimate the Ultralite puts an additional $160,000 in my pocket over its life.

Anyone delivering aggregate for a living today definitely needs to seriously consider adding the Ultralite to their fleet.